If You Truly Care for a Certain Issue, You Must Use Your Real Face, Your Real Identity, and Your Real First and Last Name

My thought:

There are a lot of anonymous letters being published on issues x, y, z and people are afraid of losing their jobs or whatever.

But … if one has a *true* belief in a certain cause, or truly cares … one would *NOT* do it anonymously.

Or in other words:

Put no faith into anonymously published things.

Why? Either:

  1. The anonymous letter is fake (the letter writer is pretending to be someone who they actually are not)
  2. They are virtue-signaling their thoughts without real ‘skin in the game’ (Nassim Taleb), and thus their opinion has lesser worth.

Certainly if your opinion is like a life-or-death scenario (if you’re from North Korea or so), then anonymity is good. But if you’re just afraid of losing your job, economic livelihood … put your face and the name in the game.