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What is Good for You, What is Bad for You?

A thought:

Trust your own body’s physiology and inner-wisdom. AVOID by all costs what you consider harmful and bad for your body. Do what you consider is life-promoting and adds vigor and strength to your body.

For example, sometimes I eat certain foods or drink certain drinks which cause my face to become swollen (Koreans call this “부어서”, which literally means to have your face swell up after eating some stuff. Koreans commonly say after eating instant (spicy kimchi flavored noodles), they feel their face swollen the next day).

Elimination diet

This takes us to a simple notion. To know what is good or bad for you … try to subtract (via negativa) the “bad”. For example a lot of personal experimentation I’ve totally cut out:

  1. No more dairy, lactose, cheese, butter … even though it is so delicious. I just fart a lot and cannot process it well.
  2. No alcohol. I get “Asian glow” (my body cannot process alcohol well). So zero alcohol for me. No moralistic qualms — I just cannot handle it.
  3. No legumes or beans. Too much farting.
  4. No sugar, high fructose corn syrup. I actually feel not so good after consuming it.
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