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Nobody is “colored”, “yellow”, “black”, or “white”.

We all descended from Africa. Study Lucy — the first “mother” of mankind, ~3 million years ago (first discovered in Ethiopia).

All humans (we are all Homo sapiens)— the wise (sapiens). We are all “homo”— hominids.

The root of mankind

Certainly the root of mankind is Africa.

Anyone who believes otherwise takes religion literally, and cannot be trusted.

Man’s Place in Nature

Furthermore, anyone who doesn’t believe in evolution cannot be trusted when it comes to matters on race, ethnicity, morphology, etc.

Let us be very careful with words

When you call someone “colored”, “black”, “yellow”, “red”, “orange”, “purple”, whatever … intrinsic in the language is “other, strange, foreign, bad, evil, cannot be trusted, lesser”.

When you call someone “white” inherent are notions of “goodness, purity, chosen, superior”.

Human skeleton vs gorilla skeleton

What do we want the future to look like?

Selfie low angle

I say:

The future should be a future in which perseverance, hard work, courage, bravery, and industry is rewarded, not race, class, ethnicity, gender, etc.

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