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How to Get Started in Photography

In kicking off my new ERIC KIM NEWSLETTER, here is an example of an opt-in email I created. A good starter:

Super pumped to have you!

Dear friend, super pumped to have you.

To get you started, some free inspiration:

  1. Free PDF download to 100 Lessons From the Masters of Street Photography >
  2. Free .ZIP of Adobe Lightroom Presets Download > . Preset installation information here.

Now starts your epic journey! Some quick photo assignments and activities to get you going:

  1. Upload your best photo to (where you can get honest feedback and critique on your photos). Also give some honest feedback and critique to other members in the community to improve your skills in analyzing photographs and compositions.
  2. If any of the emails, blog posts, etc are interesting, feel free to forward to your friends, family, and photography friends.



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