I think we’re afraid of the fear associated (BEFORE) you die…not the actual death itself.

Why Im Not Afraid Of Death

No heaven or hell

I believe in a mortal soul, which means:

Once you die, your soul dies with you.

The pain associated with death?

Some people experience tremendous pain before they die. We imagine people wasting away in the hospital, dying of a terminal disease, cancer, heart attack, etc.

But once you’re dead, you’re dead. Light bulb is off. No more pain.

So if we’re not afraid of the pain associated BEFORE death, we don’t actually need to fear death itself.


The feeling of death is equivalent to the feeling of never being born at all.

What does dying feel like? It feels just like the feeling of never being born at all. Is this something to fear?


Of course don’t jump off a bridge


Don’t do anything stupid.

For example, I don’t want to commit suicide. I will not willingfully do anything which might cause permanent disfigurement or a ‘traumatic death’. For example:

  1. No bungee jumping
  2. No sky diving
  3. No texting while driving
  4. No texting while walking
  5. No listening to music or headphones when crossing the street
  6. No taking hard drugs which can cause me to OD
  7. No riding a bicycle or a motorcycle in a city
  8. No speeding in a sports car around a mountain path for thrills.

I want to ideally live to be 120 in hyper-excellent health. This is my life goal. And up until that point, I don’t want to lose a limb, lose my vision, become paralyzed, etc. Other than that, I will engage in any intellectual or artistic risks!

This body is not mine.

I don’t think of my body as ‘mine’. I just look at it almost as if it belongs to someone else.

When I admire my body and flex, it is the same joy someone gets when looking at their parked Porsche in their garage, or when they delight in looking at a Ferrari or Lamborghini. My thought:

Instead of buying a Lamborghini or any other sports car or luxury object… better to transform my body into a Lamborghini or work of art!

Or see your body as marble, and your goal is to sculpt your body to become your own work of art!

ERIC kim flex buff muscle front 6 pack

You only got one body.

You only got one body and one life. Shouldn’t we treat it with respect and reverence?

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