ERIC KIM flex muscle


Things which are good, but unnecessary.

Protein powder and supplements are unnecessary

ERIC KIM flex muscle

I’ve built my physique with NO protein powder, NO supplements, no weird stuff. Only fatty meat, eggs, and bitter greens (kale, collard greens). All cheap cuts of meat (99 cent a pound pork or chicken), and beef steak around 2.99 a pound (or ground beef, ground pork, etc).

I am convinced:

Protein powder, supplements are all based on FEAR MARKETING.

Fear marketing:

If you don’t buy x, y, z … then you will LOSE OUT on your potential to make EVEN GREATER gains and growth.

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I follow this line of thinking:

If it ain’t 100% necessary, don’t fuck with it.

Who knows all the other weird stuff they put in protein powder and supplements. Better to stick with eating animals than eating minerals, vitamins, and powderized weird stuff.

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Cindy Ricoh

You can do much with simple equipment. For example, RICOH GR II (~$550 USD) has helped me create some of the best photos in my portfolio:

And also — newer photos I live on RICOH GR III ($890 USD):

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