Why Go Outside?

DON’T FORGET — you can still leave the house. But why?

Why leave the house?

It seems we humans perform at our best when we go outdoors. There is something very anti-human nature when we are stuck indoors or in boxes.

Now is your chance.

It seems that we humans perform best when we are around trees, around other humans. But why? Some theories:

  1. When we walk, we give more birth to creative ideas.
  2. Humans are designed to be bipeds to walk long distances outdoors.
  3. Fresh air– perhaps additional oxygen and other micro-particles and micro-temperatures in the air which is beneficial to our health and physiological strength?

To be human is to interact with other humans?

Consider– you won’t be able to interact with anyone else if you don’t leave the house. We must leave the house because we enjoy the social company of others. Our friends, family, peers, and those we admire.

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