I am a photographer, and I make photos.

I make photos because it is in my blood


Making photos for me is an existential thing. I cannot live without making photos.

The world is more fun with photos

selfie low

A life is 1000x more fun with photography, at least for me. Every mundane moment can become more interesting and beautiful to me. Everything gains meaning.

I love colors, black and white — it all.

Providence 2020

Monochrome and color; I love it all.

I love shooting my selfie


Photos of my selfie are fascinating to me. I can see my fat age and change.


I love technology and art


To me, the hybrid of photography and art is fascinating. I love tech, and I love art. Photography as the ultimate synthesis.

I love light


Light is life. Photos capturing light is capturing life.

Photography: Photo [light] graphy [drawing].

Street life is fun!

brown providence

I have so much more fun being in the streets and outdoors than indoors!

I love randomness and chance


When I photograph, I have no idea what the photo will look like. This is what makes it so fun!

selfie phone

Video is also photo

If photography means ‘painting with light’, then video is also painting with light — except the pictures move!

The dynamism of the human body.

The human body is the apex beauty. The joy of photographing the human body and form, and also my own body.

Do you love the light?

Do you love the light? If so, you are photography.

I love the light. I love photography!

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