Turbo — turbine, disorder, to rotate, swirl.

To turbocharge yourself:

Harness that inner-chaos and inner-disorder of yourself in order to PROPEL YOURSELF HIGHER!

Higher efficiency

How does a turbocharger work? First, it makes the engine more efficient, by squeezing more efficiency from the waste-gas. Also the turbocharger compressor feeds more air into the engine, increasing fuel consumption, in order to create a larger explosion inside the engine, which will add more power to the pistons.

What I am curious about:

How can we add more power to our body, in order to propel our mind to another level?

Increase the chaos, movement, swirling, disorder within yourself!

Hurricane Katrina

Turbo also is related to tornado. Harness the power of your own inner tornado and storm, and direct that energy towards artistic production and thought!

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