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How to Make Art Indoors

If you’re stuck at home or indoors, here are some practical ideas to motivate yourself to make art [from the comfort of your own home]!:

  1. Make illustrations: Use ProCreate on iPad or iPhone to make illustrations. Or you can use Adobe Illustrator on your laptop to make images. Or simpler yet– practice drawing by hand! Just draw on a piece of printer paper, or any scrap paper. Channel your inner-2 year old, and have fun with crayons and more!
  2. Curate your portfolio: Look through your portfolio of images, and select your favorite images, and publish them to your own website/blog! Remember to curate is also a creative act.
  3. Make a slideshow of your favorite photos using iMovie or any other slideshow maker: For an added bonus, practice to use GarageBand to make your own beats. If you need free music, you can download my beats.
  4. Write: Write articles, a blog post, start your autobiography, write poetry [this is how I write poetry], and publish it to your own blog. If you don’t got a blog, just use wordpress.com or medium.com.
  5. Use this opportunity to start your own website: This can be your chance to (finally) start your own self-hosted website! I recommend bluehost.com, and installing WordPress.org. Building a website ain’t hard; learning how to use aperture and shutter-speed on a digital camera is far more complex!
  6. Shoot a vlog: Use the selfie mode on your iPhone, Android, or digital camera, and upload it to your own YouTube channel. You can just use the YouTube app on your phone, or go to YouTube.com/upload on your laptop to start uploading videos.
  7. Explore all the filters on your camera or phone: If you’re stuck at home, experiment with all the filter modes on your iPhone, digital camera, or Android device. And just shoot random stuff at home, or shoot selfies of yourself.
  8. Remix or re-process your old photos: Experiment with filters in Photoshop, or inverse your photos, blur them, or draw over them!
300 spartan
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