Why are photos of eyes and eye contact so powerful?

We have an intuition for eye-contact.


We like eye contact, or sometimes we fear it.

You can see the universe in your retina

Also note the interesting thing:

Your left eye looks significantly different than your right eye.

The joy of eye contact and a smile

What is the most dehumanizing thing you can do? Avoid eye contact with someone and not acknowledge their existence.

the greatest joy? Eye contact and smiles from others.

It is hard to make eye contact with strangers. Why? Modern society has programmed us to be afraid of eye contact.

The solution?

Let us practice smiling and making eye contact more with strangers!

Say hello to strangers and make small talk.

Let us enjoy the company of other humans

Life is far more fun with other humans.

also, make photos with eyes, eye contact and more.