Envy is good, jealousy is bad.

if you’re envious of someone else and their success and this stimulates and invigorates you to do more, envy is good. Jealousy is bad because we are intimidated by someone else taking our spot. For example, you can be a jealous boyfriend if you worry that your girlfriend will run off with another guy. Envy is when you look at Arnold and also desire his same physique.

No ill will towards anyone else.

better to emulate people you admire than to try to spit malice at them and tear them down.

don’t waste your precious energy.

I don’t waste my precious energy on hating on others. Why? It’s a waste of my energy. My energy is limited. Hating on others is wasted breath and key strokes. Better to simply praise whom I love and admire.

Do we hate those who we feel inferior to?

“I am no match for him, that is why I hate him”. Has anyone said this before? – Nietzsche

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