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In life if you got the option, would you prefer to swim upstream or downstream?

Upstream is better.

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I believe in life, it is far more fun to swim upstream than downstream. 

For example, look at the epicness of salmon whom swim upstream. They’re essentially giving the middle finger to nature.

Buddhism, Taoism, and zen philosophy says:

Don’t try to fight against nature, physics, and laws of the world. You will lose. 

When “unnatural” is better

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But let us consider:

  1. Spaceships are the most anti natural thing we can do, yet we love it, and it is great!
  2. Airplanes and flying is anti nature, but it is great. Without it, I would not be able to travel.
  3. Internet isn’t natural — yet it is one of the most epic tools I’ve been able to use to augment myself.
  4. Photography isn’t natural, yet it is one of the best forms of art production.

Let us consider — almost everything great isn’t “natural”. Then the thought:

Maybe we should not deify nature, but deify mankind instead?


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