back muscle flex eric kim

Possible or Optimal?

Something I think about:

Discovering new methods in life which proves certain POSSIBILITIES.

And also, something I think about:

What is more important, striving towards new possibilities or what is “optimal” or best?

For example:

back muscle flex eric kim

I was curious whether I could lose fat and gain muscle mass at the same time. I’ve proven it is possible via intermittent fasting (no breakfast or lunch), and only a massive dinner (tons of meat and greens, no carbs or sugars).

Also, that it is possible to put on much muscle mass and gain much physical strength by fasting then powerlifting— not eating anything before insanely epic “one rep max” attempts in deadlift, squat, benchpress.

Why optimize?

What is best or optimal for you? This is the goal — not to “optimize” for the sake of optimization sake.

Also, not to “optimize” based on fear. I think for example, a lot of guys strive to “optimize” their workouts or eating methods in order to “maximize” their gains, even if it does them a great disservice. For example, bodybuilders who eat so much food that they end up hating themselves and their lives. Or lifters who are overly obsessed with protein powder and supplements, for the fear of not maximizing their gains.

Fulfill your own curiosity about yourself


Leave no rock unturned. Exploit every curiosity of yours to the fullest. Follow your curiosity to the limits. Achieve arbitrary life goals for yourself, or just do fun little experiments with yourself. Do this with your working schedule, workflow, diet, exercise, health, fitness, sleep, whatever!