Infinite Steady and Slow Gains

A thought:

Perhaps life is more interesting and enjoyable when we strive towards infinite gains, in a slow and steady manner.

For example when it comes to powerlifting, I love the idea that as long as I keep eating, training, and giving it all of my courage, my “one rep max” will continue to grow indefinitely; infinite gains, although slow and steady. For example, striving to increase my one rep max by 5 pounds every week, or every other week (forever).

Infinite money?

It ain’t about how much money you got; I think it’s more enjoyable to think about your money always growing. Better to grow your money infinitely higher, slowly and steady, instead of earning tons of money in few chunks.

Better to get lots of steady serotonin daily (or weekly), instead of in infrequent (but huge) chunks

For example, I know I will live a long time, and I also desire to live a long time. If this is the case, then I want to feel maximally empowered as much as possible. And it seems to get infrequent but massive gains is frustrating. Better steady, consistent slowly, and infinitely more than inconsistent gains.

Should we work with human bias, or try to override it?

It seems philosophers and psychologists say:

Humans are dumb and defective because we get suckered by our “bad” or “irrational” human biases.

But what if there is insane amounts of wisdom in our folly and “irrationality”?


Should we give more respect and credence to “irrationality”?