Don’t Be a Sucker

A good way to live life:

Simply avoid being a sucker (however you define this for yourself).

For example, when it comes to economic matters or purchasing decisions– don’t get suckered. Don’t get suckered into buying things which are contrary to your own personal preferences.

What does it mean to get suckered?

It is all subjective. My definition is this:

If you get tricked or fooled into doing something contrary to your own personal benefit, you’re getting suckered.

Obey yourself

Don’t let others try to superimpose their code of ethics or morality upon you. Stay firm, and have the courage to state:

These are my personal preferences, only for myself. My preferences aren’t for you, nor are your preferences for me!


There is no such thing as being “smart”, but there is such thing as being a sucker.

Thus in life, the best way to be “smart” is to avoid being a sucker!