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How to Become Yourself

“You was who you was before you got here.” – JAY Z

What is your goal and mission in life?

To become MORE of yourself.


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What does it mean to become yourself?

You are a unique amalgamation of all your life experiences. You didn’t ask to be born — you were simply thrust into this world (without your permission).

But the reality is this:

You exist, and you’re in this world. And you shall die.

So the question is this:

How do you want to live your life? How do you desire to direct your human metabolism — and toward what ends?

Don’t seek to alter your personality

What is the most unnatural thing we can do? To try to domesticate, change, and “tame” our own personality. I am convinced — all this striving to change our personality is based on society. Society wants us to become obedient “sheeple”. It is not in the best interest of society for us to become individuals and ends unto ourselves.

Are you ashamed of your own personality?

Inherent in every ethical code and book of morality is this:

Thou art an imperfect human being who is contemptible, and worthy of pain and suffering. The only way to achieve salvation (either in this life or the next) is to become something else– something GREATER than yourself.

Now how much harm has this done? Much. In America, we are no longer allowed to strive to create great individuals. Instead, we are seeking to increase the collective mediocrity of society.

If you aren’t ashamed of yourself, why do others try to change you?

People don’t like it when you are in-decipherable, unpredictable, and beast-like. People like others who are nice, kind, predictable, obedient, and easily controllable.

Now this isn’t something to spite others with. It is just their nature! We cannot blame others, nor should we try to change others. I think it is better to simply strive to change ourselves MORE into what we desire for ourselves. To strive to transform ourselves MORE of ourselves — more concentrated versions of ourselves, less self-censorship, and more self-expression.

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