No Epic Gains without Epic Pain

Life— in order to achieve epic things, these epic things will require epic effort, which will probably be accompanied by epic pain. Consider the joy of life, but the epic pain of childbirth. Perhaps an artist who makes art works should also experience a similar pain of childbirth?

Not pain for the sake of pain. But pain is perhaps a signal, or a stimulant towards growth? Or pain as a signal that you’re pushing yourself to the limit, and perhaps BEYOND and ABOVE your limit? Is this how growth works?

Psychological growth and gain


The necessary pain of trauma, difficulty, and witnessing cruelty as a child in order to gain a more resilient and strong mind. A child who never experiences difficulty or trauma will retain a soft mind.

My scars — because I experienced and survived my childhood, I was able to have the necessary stimulant of growth to become mentally strong.

Pain as the signaler or growth?

How do things grow? How do our muscles grow?

Rememeber as a child having “growing pains”? I remember as a kid, always asking my mom to massage my legs because they were always in pain — presumably because I was becoming taller.

Growing pains


I’ve been engaging in hardcore powerlifting lately, and I’ve been having lots of (good) pain recently.

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