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Bloggers Shall Inherit the Earth

If you want to make an epic impact in the world, make a blog and start blogging!

Why blog?

Blogging is augmenting your innate human abilities. With blogging you become “infinitely scaleable”— in terms of your photos, words, ideas, videos, music, and art works!

You control the platform.

You are the master of your own domain (literally).

When you register your own domain (your first name, last name dot com), you own and control it. Social media is fine if you’re poor, but if you can afford a Netflix subscription or Amazon prime subscription, you can afford your own web hosting and domain.

Ultimate synthesis of artist-entrepreneur

It is 2020. You got access to the Internet. My disappointment with the internet:

Why haven’t we been able to exploit more of the power of the internet?

Social media is lame. It is too basic. The equation with Facebook/Instagram is this:

Upload a photo everyday, exactly at noon, and strive to maximize your like and follower counts.

What future do you desire to create?

As a blogger, you’re an internet entrepreneur. You’re creating. You’re coming up with ideas and sharing them. As a photographer, you’re a creator! The blogger-photographer synthesis is a good one — you can create and share (infinitely scaleable on the internet and your blog). With your own blog, there are no gatekeepers. With social media, there is!

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