Geometry and Photography

What makes photography so fun and interesting? With composition in photography, it is about discovering new hidden compositions. It reminds me of the “aha!” moments I had as a student when studying geometry, trigonometry, physics, and math!

Make it a fun game!

Look for the hidden compositions in-between the image:

For example:

Deconstruct the shapes

In this composition, when I was shooting it, I tried to put my subject in the extreme left of the frame. It wasn’t until later that I discovered this interesting double-triangle funnel composition:

Also when analyzing the composition, I notice that the subject in the far-right takes up 25% of the frame:

Cracking it down with the green 25% sector:

Animated GIF:

With the golden triangle composition — you see how the subject fits well in the far right:

Then I start to fractal the top-right corner:

Then sketching the woman’s face in the top-right corner in white:

More fractaling:

With the original image:

With GIF:

Keep milking the image

Extract the maximum from each image:

The timelapse video export from iPad and Procreate:

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