The Origin of Optimism

I am insanely optimistic. Why? And where does it come from? Some thoughts:

The need for trauma

I had a traumatic childhood, but the thing is that it helped me become even MORE optimistic in life. Why? Because despite all the trauma and shitty difficulties in life, I still survived, and was able to thrive!

In fact, I believe that “post traumatic growth” is a real thing. If a child is sheltered and has no trauma, difficulties, or true challenges in life, a child will become weak and pessimistic.

Where does pessimism come from?


Sources of pessimism to remove from your life:

  1. All news: News as optimized fear feeds. Remove this from your life to remove pessimism.
  2. Physiological pessimism: If you’re overfat, sleep deprived, weak muscles, and full of physiological weakness, of course you’re going to feel bitter towards reality. First step to conquer pessimism — reduce bodyfat percentage (ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting) and start doing deadlifts.

Thus it seems that some of pessimism is based on the media you consume, and pessimism from physiological “unhealth”.

Therefore if your goal is optimism, REMOVE social media, REMOVE news and media and start to ADD weight lifting into your life.

Ophimism is life. Optimism is what makes life worth living. The thought that tomorrow will be better, more interesting, more exciting, and more challenging for you!

Perhaps a source of optimism is rooted from having some arbitrary goals in life. If we have goals in life, then we have a reason to keep living, in order to accomplish that goal!

For example powerlifting goals (4 plate deadlift/5 plate deadlift, 3 plate bench, 4 plate squat).

Or artistic goals: exhibition, book, fame, etc.

Optimism as ego?

A thought: perhaps the root of our optimism is our pride, vanity, and ego. For example I’m so big-headed that I have extreme optimism that I can, have, and will change the world.

Therefore if we desire more optimism, perhaps we should strive to augment, increase and strengthen our ego, our self esteem, our pride, and our personal vanity. Because without a great ego, we feel we cannot enact change. With a great ego, you have the optimism that you can make epic changes in the world!