Hot and Cold

A thought: perhaps for optimal health, motivation and inspiration, happiness and joy in life we need both hot AND cold. And perhaps the play between both is what gives birth to creative activity and inspiration-motivation?

In praise of anti thermal regularity

If we lived in a perfectly regulted bubble of 74 degrees for the rest of our life, we would become weak and feeble. Same goes with not experiencing true hunger; intermittent fasting as the best sauce for flavor in food and appreciation and joy of food.

Yin and Yang

In life we cannot feel joy without sorrow and tragedy. Instead of trying to eliminate pain and suffering from life, better to discover how we can channel pain and suffering to empower us! To make us stronger.

Good pain as the great driver for growth

Good pain:

  1. Pain of hunger while fasting
  2. Pain of thirst
  3. Pain which signals you’re getting stronger in weight lifting (good pain the day after lifting to signal you had a good workout)
  4. Good pain as obstacles which make your great goals in life worthwhile!

Cycle between hot and cold

We need both. I like cold training in the winter when I’m outdoors, but I prefer my apartment warm once I get home. I like my showers icy cold, but my bed warm.

Hot and cold colors

Kyoto #cindyproject
Kyoto #cindyproject

Perhaps in art and photo we need both. Hot photos (red, yellow, orange) and cold (blue, purple, green).

Layered Tokyo street photograph

We need the blues

Perhaps a dose of sadness and melancholy here and there is a great stimulus to our health.

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