How Often Should I Review and Edit my Photos?

No rules. You can do it everyday, every other day, once a week, once a month, once a year, or maybe even once a decade!

My suggestion:

Follow your gut.

If you don’t feel physically strong enough to review your photos, procrastinate on it as long as possible.

Physiological strength to review photos

My thought:

It takes much physical and physiological strength to review your photos.

Perhaps as much strength as it is necessary to actually go out and shoot the photos in the first place!

Don’t rush it.

In today’s rush rush society, take a step back. Slow down. Take your time!

Review your photos with love, zest, and enthusiasm!

One of the benefits of reviewing your photos often:

You can encourage yourself by seeing your progress in photography.

This realization of your process can continue to renew your enthusiasm for photography!

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