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Enthusiasm is the Goal

Why I’m confident I will become a greater photographer than Henri Cartier-Bresson:

My enthusiasm for photography will never die!

Then my thought:

Perhaps the secret to success in all domains of life is rooted in enthusiasm.

So how do we live a life where you never lose enthusiasm? Some ideas:

Childlike radicalism

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Children know no rules, bounds, conventions, or limits.

Enthusiasm as a god within you

Enthusiasm essentially means to have a godlike spirit or presence within yourself. We typically think of enthusiasm as “passion”, except enthusiasm is the better word, as passion is about “fiery pain”, whereas enthusiasm is your godlike interest, skill, and effort in something.

How to retain your enthusiasm

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A simple goal in life:

Never lose your enthusiasm.

How do we lose our enthusiasm? Some things which have retrograded me in the past:

  1. Social media: Don’t use it. It will kill your pure and childlike enthusiasm in the long term.
  2. Don’t trap yourself within any genre. Genre is a prison and death.
  3. Explore all forms of art and visual art. Cross-pollination with other arts.

Forever a child, exploring, evolving, and growing!


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