Share Your Perspective

What makes photography so interesting? Your position. Where you’re standing, and your particular viewpoint or perspective.

For myself what photos do I love most? Photos which make you feel like you’re standing in the shoes of the other person!

Unusual perspectives

I don’t think I’ve ever seen or witnessed a photograph (ultra wide angle) in front of a squatting rack at the gym:

In praise of ultra wide angle mode on the new iPhone Pro:

Your perspective is valuable.

Why don’t we think our perspective is great?

Strange thing — many individuals in society think:

My perspective and view isn’t that interesting. Thus it isn’t worth sharing.

Where do you stand?

Henri Cartier-Bresson on being asked, “How many photos do you shoot a day?” answered:

“How many interesting things do you see a day?”

Share your life

Your perspective is precious. Share it!

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