Don’t Seek to be Good, Seek to be Genuine

What hinders us?

Striving to be “good”at something. But instead, I believe we should strive to be GENUINE— authentic, real, naked, exposed, transparent, and courageous to own your own opinion, thoughts, and beliefs!

On making authentic photos

In short, make photos you like looking at!

For example in photography, don’t care whether others think of your photos as “good”or not. Instead, strive to make photos which you feel is genuine to you. Photos which reflect your personal aesthetics, ethics, and worldview.

Photograph all aspects of your life.

You’re the author. To be authentic is to be the author.

Photograph your food, experiences, people you meet, things you see, things you experience, and yourself.

Don’t be pretentious

I consider pretension (faking, pretending) as a vice. To be authentic:

Not to be ashamed of yourself. Not desiring to be anone else.

Conclusion: Authenticity is the goal!

snow at 60 fps

Nobody else can dictate you as authentic. Only you deem whether you are authentic or not.

How do you know whether you’re authentic or not? Stare at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself:

Am I proud of myself, and do I reveal my true self?

Others might hate or criticize you for being who you are — but they can never falsify your authenticity!