Why Procrastination is Great

When in doubt, best to procrastinate, wait, hold back, and decide later.

Cybertruck has arrived

Words cannot constrain my enthusiasm and awe of Tesla’s new car: CYBERTRUCK. I am glad I didn’t rush out and buy a Tesla Model S or a Tesla Model 3, because the Cybertruck is 100000x cooler, more badass, and a true revolution.

To be honest, I think Cybertruck is on-par with the iPhone in terms of a truly game-changing innovation.

How does procrastination help?

The first basic notion:

When it comes to consumer purchases, I procrastinate FOREVER before fully committing to buying something.

But perhaps this is a good thing. Why? By procrastinating on a decision and not acting upon it, I inadvertently end up waiting, and as a consequence, something even better comes along.

When not to upgrade your iPhone or Camera


This works well with consumer decisions. For example, if you feel the new iPhone isn’t good enough, just wait and procrastinate on it! Just wait 6-8 months, and a new version (or a new phone) will come out!

Same goes with cameras, laptops, tablets, and any other consumer-tech good.

Also by NOT being an early-adopter (better to be a ‘late adopter‘), generally the bugs of the first version get sorted out. For example the original iPhone had tons of problems. By the second or third iPhone, most of the major bugs got solved.

There is a high price to pay to be an early adopter, and I don’t think it is worth it.

Don’t buy the first-generation of any new camera system


For example, the first Leica M8 apparently had lots of glitches. They fixed some issues with the Leica M8.2, and eventually got it right with the Leica M9. Or when Leica made the Leica M240, it was generally disliked by most people (it became fatter, bulkier, with superfluous options like video). When Leica released the Leica M10, they fixed a lot of the issues (improved the M10 by making it thinner like the film Leica MP, a cooler ISO dial, and other adjustments).


Or even the original Fujifilm X100: it had TONS of issues. But by the Fuji x100T, they got rid of most of the issues. Now the Fuji x100F has no real faults.

Procrastinate on making decisions

If you cannot decide, NOT making a decision immediately is also ‘purposeful procrastination‘. Sometimes by NOT acting, the problem solves itself.

Sometimes it is good to procrastinate on responding to that message or email — maybe in the time you delayed, they actually figured it out themselves!

What shouldn’t we procrastinate on in life?


I say don’t wait on following your dreams, and your insane passions. There will never be an optimal time for anything. You will always be too busy, too stressed, and not prepared enough. And that is fine! Better to do it 80% “good enough” than not to do it at all!


Trust your gut

In almost all things in life:

Trust your gut.

Trust your instincts and your intuition. It don’t matter if you’re ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ — you are liable for the decision, but at least you did it honestly, genuinely, and with courage!


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