Futurism in Photography

Futurism— belief in movement, dynamism, evolution, dynamic energy— that the future is bright, exciting, and epic!

Futurism in photography means EXTREME OPTIMISM.

The statue which inspired me.

Umberto’s famous statue. It looks like a human Lamborghini! (I love Italian design).

Note — a static statue looks insanely dynamic. It’s cutting the air!

The bicycle — synthesis of man and machine.

Another favorite Umberto painting. Dynamism of a Cyclist — painted in 1913!!! That’s almost 100 years ago. Look at how powerful, optimistic, and beautiful this image is!

Some of his sketches:

You can feel the movement!

Who is included?

  1. Henri Cartier-Bresson: Consider his bicycle photo.
  2. Richard AVEDON: His early fashion street photos, and also the movement and dance in his studio photos!

AVEDON futurism

AVEDON pictures — like moving statues!

Note the similarity of the composition with Umberto’s statue:

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