High angle street photograph. RICOH GR III (with default 28mm lens). Holding the camera high and pointing downwards.

The Future is Digital Cameras

I think film will be around forever, and I’m very grateful for my experiences shooting film.

But at this point moving forward, “electric” (digital) cameras are the future.

Digital medium format

Digital medium format is one of the futures. Already now you can get a Pentax 645z (for $5k brand new), and you can even find second hand used Pentax 645z cameras for less than $4k.

  • Washington DC, 2018
  • Eric kim selfie. Pentax 645z
  • Blue and green urban landscape. NYC, 2017
  • Two women having a conversation. NYC, 2017. Pentax 645Z
  • Man cleaning display. NYC, 2017. Pentax 645Z
  • Suit in the bathroom washing his hands at whole foods. NYC, 2017. Pentax 645Z
  • Woman in airplane. Sunset over NYC. Pentax 645Z
  • Kid with Spider-Man outfit.
  • Airplane. Eric Kim.

Also, even now you can get the very compact and formidable Fujifilm GFX 50R for only $4k brand new!

  • Processed Fujifilm GFX50R photo with Eric Kim Monochrome 1600 v4 preset
  • Processed Fujifilm GFX 50R File
  • Little Saigon, 2019 #fujifilmgfx50r #texture
  • Little Saigon, 2019 #fujifilmgfx50r #texture
  • Little Saigon, 2019 #fujifilmgfx50r #texture
  • Rolex watch time
  • Little Saigon, 2019 #fujifilmgfx50r #texture
  • Huntington Beach. Fujifilm GFX 50R, 45mm f/2.8 Lens. #cindyproject
  • flowers
  • Fujifilm GFX 50R RAW file processed with ERIC KIM MONOCHROME preset.


Even right now the digital RICOH GR III is killing it. Black and white high contrast mode JPEG is as good (if not better) than black and white film (Kodak Trix Pushed to 1600). It’s only $890, and it’s even smaller than the RICOH GR II!

Even iPhone Pro is catching up