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Physically Fit, Artistically Fit.


To become more artistically and mentally fit, first focus on becoming physically fit.

Art creation requires strong muscles

Consider: if you’re a painter, you require strong arms. As a photographer, you require strong legs and stamina.

Art creation and human metabolism

In order to create art and have sustained strength and focus, you need a strong human metabolism. How to improve our human metabolism? More muscle mass, less body fat.

Back muscle flex

For example I’ve done a recent self experimentation which involves intermittent fasting, ketogenic diet, and putting on more muscle mass (while lowering bodyfat percentage), and abstinence from sugars and carbs:

I’ve become more confident, productive, prolific, focused, and powerful as an artist, writer, photographer and creator.

Therefore as a simple idea— if your goal is to improve yourself as an artist, seek to:

  1. Master your metabolism
  2. Experiment with ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting
  3. Abstain from sugar and carbs
  4. Lift weights (powerlifting)
  5. Sleep a ton (8-12 hours a night)— prioritize this above all.

I can guarantee this will improve your metabolism, focus, power, and art creation.

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