Hand diptych


Artistic creation as essential for our soul:

Berlin, 2019

What is the purpose of life, and being alive? From a biological perspective, it seems we evolved the way we did in order to walk (biped movement, stereo vision) in order to acquire food, resources, and to gain more power.

But assuming we live in a godless world, then what do we live for?

My thought: we live in order to create art! We live for artistic procreation!

Photography as play

The artist as a child. The child’s desire — to play and to fashion the world according to its vision.

When we are making photos, we are playing with reality!

Prioritize your photography

My thought: if you want to be happier in your life, don’t prioritize your “career”, or things related to money or utility. Instead, prioritize your photography and art creation above everything else! Allow yourself to spend extravagantly on travel, education, books, photographic experiences and equipment.