How to Make Photography more Fun for You

I’m convinced — photography is only worth it when it is fun. When you are making photos in a spirit of play!

1. Visual experimentation

Photography as an opportunity to experiment with the visual world.

For example, shooting the same photo (but with different exposure compensation), to see the different effect:

  • hand white

2. Experimentation with composition

When it comes to composition, I am always fascinated:

What is the best or most interesting way I could compose the scene?

Therefore when I see an interesting scene I want to photograph, I always “work the scene” by composing the scene differently (horizontal, vertical, tilting the frame, etc). Then afterwards, analyzing my photos and thinking about the different effects my photos have on myself.

3. Trying to capture a ‘decisive moment’

When I see interesting gestures or things happening before my eyes, I like to shoot a lot in order to try to capture a ‘decisive moment‘.

Or to be more specific, to capture a dynamic gesture, or to create an epic photograph. There can be MANY MANY different variations of different decisive moments you can capture. There isn’t just 1 decisive moment. This is why you must capture multiple decisive moments, and later decide which moment you find most fascinating.

4. The fun challenge of street photography

To photograph strangers (with or without permission): this is extremely difficult, challenging, and daring. This is why street photography is so fun– because it is so “scary” and hard! An element of danger is what makes street photography fun!

5. Shoot with no boundaries

In praise of genre-less photography. Photograph anything and everything which interests you! I am convinced this is the secret to thrive in your photography, and to always have fun!