Our desire to conquer, control, and appropriate the world via photography?

A thought:

Perhaps our impulse to make photos is this innate desire for us to control, capture, or transform the world or reality to our whims.

The capturing instinct

Korean flag

When I see something and I want to photograph it, there’s an instinct to control and preserve that thing I see and care about. Perhaps the desire to immortalize certain things we deem worthy of respect.

Then there seems to be this impulse for us to have control over ourselves, reality, and the external world. Perhaps photography is a tool which empowers and emboldens us toward this activity?

The desire for mastery over reality

Berlin, 2019

We see the world, were fascinated by the world, and we want to better understand the world, perhaps by because when we make the world comprehensible to ourselves, we feel like we are the masters of the world. To understand is to feel dominant and superior.

Berlin, 2019

All is good.

Berlin kid reading
Berlin, 2019

All photography which fulfills your curiosity about the world is good. Keep shooting in order to understand more, experience more, appreciate more, and empower yourself more!