What I Consider Great Art

Thinking about artists I admire, and what I think makes them great artists, and what makes their artwork great as well.

1. Longevity

It seems the greatest artists have the ability to have lasting legacies because their work is powerful enough to resist the ruthless jaws of time. How so?

It seems great art revolves around humans, is human centric, and deals with very human themes and emotions. For example the Iliad about vengeance, pride, and war–very human emotions which we still grapple with today.

2. The artwork embodies the artist

I think it is essential that there is a tight bond between the artist and their artwork. In other words the great artist imputes his great soul into his artworks.

Whenever we hold an Apple device, we have the soul of Steve Jobs in our hands. When we witness a Leonardo da Vinci, we witness his passion for the human form, science, and quest for understanding. When we listen to the music of Kanye West we can feel his passion (painful yet joyful).

3. Strive to be great

“Don’t be good, be great.” – Jay Z

In our short lives I think it’s more fun, interesting, and rewarding to aspire to greatness. To attempt greatness. To attempt great feats, to create great things, to make great art works and become a great individual.

Eric Kim photograph by cindy
Providence, 2019 #ericproject by CINDY

Whether you succeed or not isn’t in your hands. Your task is attempt epic boldness with all your strength.

The bolder you attempt the more fortune will favor you!


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