Never Blame Others

When we blame ourselves, essentially we are signaling to ourselves that we’re too weak to change things. “Blame” is essentially signaling of who has power.

When you blame others for certain conditions of your life, you’re saying that they have more power than you, and that they have power over you.

By putting 100% responsibility on yourself, this is quite liberating. It means we have 100% power and aren’t dependent on anyone or anything else.

Blame and complain is the same

My ideal for myself: never blame or complain to others about anything. Whenever I feel anything, it is an opportunity of personal self introspection.

Because we can never truly understand ourselves, when others are asking why you feel a certain way or how we feel; an air of doubt and self-suspicion is good. To simply say “I don’t know” is legitimate.

Why complain?

When we complain, what are we actually doing? We are signaling our weakness, and trying to blame our weakness on others. We are unwilling to put responsibility on ourselves.

Why not take responsibility for ourselves?

Shouldn’t it make sense that we take 100% responsibility for ourselves and our existence and life?

I think the problem is that people desire a world which is “fair” and 100% based on merit. But this isn’t the case, nor will it ever be 100% equal, fair, or “good”. If we accept this fact, it is quite motivational and inspirational to me. It means complaining has no practical effect. The only solution is for me to go out and change things myself; and I believe I’m strong enough to do so! Audacious and foolish self-belief is 10000x better than “rational doubt”.

In praise of irrational optimism

Irrational optimism is good and necessary for us to attempt epic works, and to become truly great, and to do great things!