Zen Tools

Creating a body-mind-hand connection between ourselves and our technological tools.

Direct connection and synthesis.

Zen horse archery — the connection between a man and animals/tools.

Mazda Miata as perfect synthesis between driver and car.

Ricoh GR as perfect synthesis between photographer and camera.

iPhone as perfect synthesis between user and tool.

Human-first design thinking

This is why human interface, interaction is so essential. Any tools, technology, fashion should ALWAYS prioritize the human being — NOT the algorithm, technology, or tool. 

For example, let’s design social media to benefit humans, not advertisers or teaching/training the algorithm.

Embolden and empower others

Whenever we create tools or technology, let us ask ourselves:

Will this embolden and empower the end user?

And how do we test this? Let us design first for ourselves — create tools that improve and empower us!