Your Vices are Your Virtues

What if all your vices were indeed, your supreme virtues?

We’re often told, ‘Do this’ or ‘Don’t do that’. There are certain parts of ourselves which get characterized as ‘flaws’.

But what if our flaws were actually our perfections? What if everything that is characterized within us as ‘vices’, were in-fact, our supreme virtues?

Wise skepticism

For example, we are often trained to believe that ‘laziness’ is a vice. But what if your ‘laziness’ was actually just your well-calibrated ‘bullshit detector’, which refused to do empty and vain work? What if your ‘laziness’ was actually in-fact, your “will to effectiveness” — which is the virtue which teaches you to be more efficient in what you do?

Let us say others say that you’re not good at ‘paying attention’, or that you are ‘rude’ to others. But what if that is actually your super-hero skill and talent? What if this is simply your social filter?

All virtues are socialized and subjective

abstract face

This is my realization:

All virtues which we are praised for in modern society aren’t “ultimate” and “objective” value-judgements. What we are taught are virtues are subjective.

Thus it seems to be our duty to challenge the value-judgements of others, society, and institutions. We must have the brazen courage to state out-loud:

I consider myself perfect in all regards. Whatever you consider is a ‘character flaw’ in me — you are mistaken.

It is recognizing that you are a rare breed of human; and you are not alike to anyone else. You should not aspire to be alike anyone else– your only goal is to become more yourself!