How to make photography more fun and enjoyable for yourself

Simple ideas:

1. The simpler the camera, the better.

First, Use the least annoying camera: iPhone and HUJI CAM, or RICOH GR.

Honestly from my experiences, 99% of the stress of photography is having a huge, heavy, cumbersome, annoying to carry, and burdensome camera with you everywhere you go. The best camera is invisible — you forget you even have it with you. Currently that is iPhone and RICOH GR.

2. Anti-social media

Second, stop using Facebook, Instagram, etc. I’m convinced that social media use for sharing, building a following, etc is a “net negative” for your personal flourishing as an artist, creator, and innovator. Instead, start your own website-blog ( and, and if you want feedback on your photos upload them to

3. Randomness is good.

Third, allow yourself to shoot more randomly. Don’t worry too much about composition — just follow your gut, and photograph anything which interests you. Better to shoot something with a poor composition than to not shoot it at all.

4. All design which inspires you is good design.

Fourth, also enjoy photographing designs and things that attract and interest you! Not every single photo you shoot needs to be a work of “art”. Photographic note taking is also fun, enjoyable, and interesting. I’m finding a lot of inspiration from fashion as of late — the designs, the color palette, the concepts, and concepts! Currently enjoying designs from Louis Vuitton, Coach, Hermès, Prada, Balenciaga, Fendi. Gives me deep inspiration for future designs for HAPTIC.

5. Anti-perfection//pro-flux.

Fifth, don’t strive toward perfection. Instead, just focus on photographic productivity. Focus on shooting a lot, selecting a lot of photos, uploading them, and continuing this ‘eternal cycle’ of creativity. Also recognize that your visual artistry is constantly in a state of flux. The point isn’t to reach a ‘final destination’ with your artwork. The point is to continually evolve, change, and continue to find visual inspiration!


The more fun you make your photography, the better.

Strive to maximize your personal fun in photography! This means never stop shooting, never stop exploring, never stop witnessing new things, and never stop experimenting with your compositions, techniques, tools, and approaches.

Remember in life (and photography)– the best is yet to come.


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