Never Betray your Gut

We all have gut instincts for our own personal and creative needs , desires, and wants (self-preservative instincts).

We must have the courage to obey our own gut instincts. This means:

Never do anything which is contrary to your gut instincts.

Disregard what others think you “should” or “shouldn’t” do (even if they are ‘right’). Better for us to follow our own gut and be ‘wrong’, than to obey others contrary to our gut instincts and be ‘right’.

Everyone has a different gut, stomach, and micro flora in stomach.  

We all demand different things for our own stomach, digestion, and gut flora. 

Shouldn’t we acknowledge and respect the fact that everyone has a different stomach, a different gut, for different needs, lifestyles, and wants?

For example, some people can process gluten than others. Some can process lactose better than others. Some can process fats better than others.

Obey your own gut

We are all different — and you know yourself and your own stomach better than anyone else. So why ever ask anyone else for dietary or lifestyle advice? Just obey yourself, your own gut, and your own needs!

Trust your gut more than your brain

I believe there is more intelligence in our gut and stomach than our brain. The stomach evolved and developed far earlier than our brains— so in theory, the gut should be smarter than our recently-developed brains.

You are the dictator of your own life

Your life is short —why live your life according to the rules and conventions of others?

Have the courage to live your own life according to your own table of values — regardless if you’re “right” or “wrong”!



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