In life, perhaps we shouldn’t worry too much about external ‘success’, money, material things, etc– perhaps we are the happiest when we maximize our day to be artistically productive.

How to hype yourself up

For myself, I’m actually far more inspired and stimulated from music than visual artwork. 

I determine music as ‘good’ when it quickens my artistic and creative thinking/productive. For example whenever I listen to music that makes me want to bob my head and dance (like ‘WOW’ freestyle by Jay Rock/Kendrick Lamar) I consider this music good– because it improves my mood, it makes me want to move my body, and it also inspires me to write/create things!

What makes life worth living?

For myself, the opportunity to create new artwork is what makes life worth living. 

I know for myself as I’ve become more experienced in life, it is harder and harder for me to ‘inspire’ and motivate myself. Thus as of late– it seems I need stronger external stimuli — stronger coffee (more cold brew black coffee), ‘harder’ hip hop music, heavier weights to lift at the gym, and more random noise being at coffee shops and public places. In terms of visual artwork, I need stronger colors, stronger hues, and more abstract images to inspire me. 

And perhaps this is a good sign– it is a sign of my own personal evolution.


  1. Focus on stimulating yourself (audio, visual, muscular, kinesthetic) to continually keep pushing yourself to evolve as an artist-philosopher.
  2. Get rid of morality/ethics when it comes to art. Any art which stimulates, motivates, or inspires you is good.



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