Photography as a Visual Diary

A thought while shooting more with a phone camera, and thinking about “vlogging”/ blogging in general —

Perhaps photography is best used as a tool of personal visual documentary of our own (“normal”) lives?

Why the phone is ideal

I believe the power of smartphones is highly underrated, and there is still so much untapped potential for our smartphone use. Consider, the phone as the ultimate blogging device, the ultimate vlogging device, the ultimate writing device, the ultimate reading device, and the ultimate creation device!

How does image quality matter?

Truth be told the smartphone camera’s image quality/aesthetics isn’t as good as a “standalone” digital camera. However, the speed in which you can shoot, edit, process, and upload photos is 100x easier and faster.

I know personally, I’m staring to care less about image camera more and more. To me, I enjoy the fun of composing a scene, and I enjoy looking at my own photos! I enjoy the colors, tones of my photos— and for me, photography is a life-augmentation tool. With photography, I live more fully, visually, artistically, and engaged.

Conclusion: Never stop creating and sharing!

It seems the logical end is this:

Stay maximally creative every single day, and always find beauty and joy in all parts of human existence.

Use photography as a tool to augment your life to the maximum!


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