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All Movement is Good.

Motivation literally means “to move”. We need to move and act to do anything; we need to move our fingers to type, we need to move our feet to shoot photos, we need to move our bodies to get from point A to point B, and we need to move heavy weights off from the ground to build our muscles and strength.

How to move more in art

On a very basic level, anything which stimulates or motivates you to move and make art is good. In fact, I think we as artists should consider ourselves as athletes.

For example consider how physically demanding photography is:

  1. Walking around a lot
  2. Running, crouching, or jumping for certain shots or photos
  3. The physical and mental energy necessary to shoot, interact with subjects, or perhaps avoiding getting detected.
  4. The fear associated with street photography, and overcoming shyness street photography
  5. Understanding that going lighter is almost always better in photography; same with athletic equipment (lighter running shoes benefit runners 1000x). Phil Knight (founder of Nike) wrote in his memoir “Shoe Dog” that even shaving a few ounces off a running shoe equalled tons of potential force.

Study other design and art works for motivation to create your own art

I believe art is luxury (and vice versa). Art is technically “useless”, but that is what gives it charm.

I am not that interested interested in purchasing luxury goods, but I find them ripe with inspiration (Hermes, Goyard, Louis Vuitton x Virgil, Yeezy by Kanye West):

How to move more as an artist


Be more active during the day. Employ a standing desk. Go on pointless walks around your office or home block. Take along your camera and snap whatever you see and experience.

Employ any form of art-creation. Make sketches on your iPad, shoot on your phone, walk around inside clothing/designer stores, study watch design, automobile design, architecture — anything and everything. No ceilings for you!

And with your camera equipment, keep it super simple and light. Use RICOH GR II, ERIC KIM STRAP, and keep moving.

Restlessness is good

I have an aversion to sitting still. I love to constantly move.

Washington DC, 2019 #cindyproject
Washington DC, 2019 #cindyproject

I feel perhaps this will stimulate us — let your “ADHD” channel you to move, create, think, wonder, and make!

All is one — never stop!


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