Fortune Favors Brave Streettogs

The more bold or brazen you are, the more likely you are to make strong/interesting photos!

It is impossible to know if we’re going to make good photos or not (before we leave the house).

So this is my practical suggestion:

In street photography, life, business, entrepreneurship, etc– you’re more likely to succeed the more bold, brazen, or “crazy”/foolish you are.

Lady Fortune favors the brave

There is a saying in Latin,

“Fortis fortuna adiuvat”

It literally means:

  • Fortis: Strong/Bold
  • Fortuna: Lady Fortune
  • Adiuvat: Comes to aid.

The basic idea is in Greek/Roman times, the gods assisted those who were brave/strong.

I think in modern times we can think:

The bolder and braver you are in life, you will expose yourself to more positive opportunities, which will help you succeed more in life.

Of course just because you take risks doesn’t mean you will succeed. However we can say certainly that an individual who takes NO risks will certainly not become epic in life.

Thus to increase your likelihood of succeeding in life, you gotta put your neck and blood on the line!

So the precept is this:

The crazier, bolder, more risky, and braver you are– the happier you will be!

Risk on!


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