A Life Without Challenges is Not a Life Worth Living

Life tastes sweeter with challenges:

Life is only fun when it is challenging?

Dear friend,

A thought:

Perhaps life is only fun when it is challenging!

1. Why street photography is fun

Leica M8.2, shot on RAW, processed with Eric Kim PRESETS

For example, I think the reason why street photography is fun and interesting is because it is so difficult, challenging and scary. Perhaps this is what makes it fascinating– when you have to interact with real humans, it is extremely challenging. Real humans are extremely unpredictable, which is perhaps what makes interaction with them so interesting and fun!

This is why I started to get bored from landscape and sunset photography. There was no challenge. The sun isn’t going to yell at me. There is no sense of adventure or danger.

Thus, street photography that is too easy is no fun. To increase the fun or interest in street photography, increase the difficulty and challenge.

2. Why porn is boring

Another random thought:

The reason why porn is (mostly) boring to many people is because there is no challenge to it.

I think when it comes to sexual prowess; it is only fun or interesting when it is challenging! Any person who is too sexually promiscuous isn’t interesting or desirable. Why? Because I think that all individuals want to play a bit of ‘cat and mouse’ when it comes to sexual relationships.

Thus, perhaps when it comes to people wanting sexual partners– it ain’t really about the sex– perhaps it is more about the difficulty or the challenge leading up to the sex. Furthermore, if you are able to successfully have sex with someone which was very difficult (it was difficult to seduce or court them), then I imagine that the sex will be a lot more gratifying.

3. Why most movies are boring

Another thought:

Most modern movies or shows are boring, because they require no difficulty in watching it.

For example, a lot of crime-mystery-suspense-action films (from the past) were more interesting to watch, because the viewer actually had to pay attention to what was going on, and they had to use their brain to try to figure out the plot line. Films with complex plots are much more fun and interesting to watch, because they are challenging to view and understand.

Thus contrary to popular belief, perhaps a fun film isn’t one with lots of explosions and special effects (Transformers), but perhaps a film which has more drama, suspense, and difficulty to watch (Alfred Hitchcock films, Akira Kurosawa films, or Stanley Kubrick films).

4. How to have fun at the gym

I don’t know about you, but I hate running on treadmills and doing pointless repetitions for weight-lifting, and abdominal crunches. Why? It is boring!

Far more fun to do something extremely challenging, and a bit ‘dangerous’:

“One-repetition maximum” exercises.

For example, my favorite workout at the gym is the deadlift. Why? Because when I attempt to lift 435 pounds off the ground, it is insanely challenging. Yet, I have discovered that powerlifting is almost 90% mental: you cannot be afraid when you’re lifting a heavy weight, you must have supreme self-confidence in yourself, and you must focus your entire mind and body when attempting the lift.

Thus if you want to have more fun at the gym or when working out, increase the difficulty and challenge.

5. Why do kids get bored at school?

Perhaps a lot of children get bored at school because lack of interesting challenges; challenges which are self-directed.

For myself, most of school was boring because it didn’t either pertain to my personal interests, or because it was too easy and rote.

Perhaps we should challenge our kids more; not baby them. Give them more difficult challenges, and see them rise up to the occasion!

6. Complex music

My favorite type of music to listen to is hip hop, especially when there are complex rhyming schemes (Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, JAY Z). The reason is because when I am listening, I am not passively listening. I am actively listening to the music: trying to figure out the meanings of their clever word-play.

Thus if you want more interesting music, perhaps listen to music with more complicated beats, more complicated lyrics, etc.


As a simple concept in life:

Don’t set easy challenges for yourself.

An easy life is a boring life. A challenging and hard life is far more interesting!

Set more epic goals for yourself. Avoid “basic” things, people, and ideas in life. Seek the complex, and never stop challenging yourself.

A life without challenge is not a life worth living.

Love challenges!