How to Get Stronger

It’s evident that being stronger is better than being weaker. But how do we get stronger?

1. Hormesis

Hormesis is the idea that we get stronger by stressing our body and mind in certain doses.

For example, we become stronger (muscular strength) by steadily lifting heavier weights over time. We must stress and push our muscles to the next level in order to grow muscle strength.

For our minds, we get stronger by facing and overcoming difficulties in our real lives. A life with 0 difficulty will never allow you to become mentally strong.

In street photography, we get stronger by taking more challenging, difficult, or scary photos. If you keep shooting the same type of photo, you’re not gonna get stronger. It’s like lifting the same weight for the rest of your life; your muscles will never get stronger.

This is why coffee and tea makes us stronger; the bitter poisons in caffeine strengthen our bodies and immune systems.

We also get stronger with cold exposure. I’ve been religiously taking ice-cold showers the last 6 years or so. When I go in public, I generally try to under-dress (be a little cold). Being a little colder helps strengthen and toughen my body.

I also am quite religious with fasting. Being able to not eat breakfast or lunch (fasting from sunrise to sunset; only eating dinner) is an easy way to get stronger. Once you can overcome hunger pain, you will become mentally and physically stronger.

2. Love challenge

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Without challenge and difficulty we can never get stronger.

Thus, a practical idea:

Hate comfort.

For example one of the best things about my workshops is that they push you outside of your comfort zone.

The comfort zone is death.

And I think we have a naturalistic bodily system which tells us once we’re too comfortable; also known as “boredom” or “ennui”.

We need challenge and difficulty to become stronger, to develop, and to grow!

3. Create a massive goal, aim, and life-task for yourself

Think big. Dream big. Act big.

Try to 10x. Hustle 10x harder than anyone else, or attempt brand new things which have never been attempted!

To me, it ultimately comes down to courage. With courage, you can overcome anything; including yourself!

Let us remember our motto,



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