Dear friend,

Simple idea:

Focus on yourself.

In modern society, the word “selfish” is synonymous with “evil”. According to Christian morality, anything that we do which is good for us (instead of focusing on helping others and the collective) is evil. In other words,

Other people are more important than us.

To me, this makes no sense. If we desire to achieve anything epic in life, we must be selfish and self-focused.


The reason I like the word “self-focused” is because it sounds more “politically correct” than “selfish” (even though the concept is the same).

In modern utilitarian society, to be “focused” is a good thing. And to be “self-compassionate” and all that jazz is seen as good– thus I don’t see this term “self-focused” as ruffling anyone else’s feathers.

What can you achieve with self-focus?

It’s impossible to do anything epic in life without self-focus. Self-focus will allow you to accumulate your own power and strength to develop your own personal powers to the maximum. And it’s of my belief that you cannot help others if you are weak. Therefore focus on becoming powerful, before you seek to help the weaker and less fortunate.

Wise altruism

I still believe that altruism is good. You don’t need to be altruistic, but I think being altruistic is one of the most magnanimous things you can do while you’re alive.

For myself personally, I feel the greatest joy when I’m empowering others. Yet,

How can I empower others if I haven’t developed my personal power to the maximum?


Thus as a simple conclusion:

Altruism is good, but before we can be altruistic and help others, we must develop our own power to the maximum.