Street Photography Must be Fun for You!

Only shoot street photography if it is fun for you!

When I started to shoot street photography, I did it because it was interesting, challenging, and fun for me! I loved to explore the streets, talk to people, and I also loved to share lessons I’ve learned in street photography with others (on this blog and via workshops).

But the problem was this:

The more famous I became in street photography, I stopped having (as much) fun in street photography.

Why? A hidden desire to “prove” myself as a good street photographer. Rather than just shooting street photos that brought me happiness, I tried to make “good” street photos to validate myself.

Now I think about my street photography for about a decade+ of experience, I’m starting to realize more and more that street photography must be fun, and the best street photographer is the most authentic street photographer.

What is authentic street photography?

Authenticity in street photography:

Desire to shoot like yourself. Only shoot what interests yourself, and don’t look at others for approval.

This means,

Don’t feel pressured to share all of your street photos online.


Don’t be hungry for likes in your photography.

Practical ideas

  1. Pursue personal photo projects which interest you.
  2. Don’t take your photography seriously. Focus on fun over “seriousness” in your photography.
  3. Recognize there is no “right” or “wrong” way to shoot street photography. Just shoot photos according to your own personality!

Have fun!

When do you have the most fun in your street photography? Follow that!



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