How to Put a Dent in the Universe

My buddy Steve Jobs taught me:

You can shape, mold, and poke life!

In other words,

You can put a dent in the universe!

Positive/Optimistic Nihilism

I am a ‘nihilist’ in the sense that I don’t think we have an ultimate ‘reason‘ in life. However I am an optimistic-positive nihilist in the sense that:

Life itself has no meaning; but we have the power to dictate our own self-directed purpose in life!

This means:

Unlearn all the morals and ethics you were indoctrinated with, and start to think for yourself.

This means –ask yourself:

What do I truly believe in– and how can I put a mark, or put a dent in the universe or the world?

Start a blog

I think one of the best ways to put a dent in the universe (in today’s digital-internet world) is simple:

Start your own blog!

A blog is nothing but a ‘web-log’ of your activities.


You can ‘blog’ about anything! You can upload and share your pictures, videos, or thoughts. The greatest thing about owning your own blog (signup via and use is that you have ultimate control! You won’t get censored by Facebook-Instagram or any other platform!

Resources on starting your own blog/website:

  1. 8 Blogging Productivity Tips
  2. Why Start a Photography Blog?
  3. Start Your Own Photography Website/Blog


How many followers is ‘enough’?


Better to have a few very very dedicated/loyal followers, than millions of “mildly” interested followers.

For example, our buddy Jesus only had a handful of disciples– but his message was so powerful that it deeply influenced these disciples, who spread the ‘good news’, and Christianity still exists today!

De-metricate yourself

To gain more power in life, de-metricate yourself, which means:

Don’t associate your self-worth or self-esteem with numbers.

This means the following:

  1. Social media: Your self-worth isn’t based on how many likes/followers you got. (Stop using social media, or install ‘Facebook Demetricator’ plugin on your browser // Chrome LinkMore Links here)
  2. Money: Your self-worth isn’t dictated by how many dollars you earn a year, or how many commas and zeros you got in your bank account. (Don’t look at your bank account so often, and don’t make money the prime mover for any decisions in your life).
  3. Where you live: Don’t define yourself with your area code. You are more important than where you live. (Prefer to live in a cheaper place, to have more freedom).

To be egotistical isn’t evil

In today’s modern society, to be “self-centered”, “egotistical”, or “selfish” is synonymous with “evil”. Why is this the case? America (and most of the west) still follows Christian morality– in which sacrifice is the only good, and to focus on yourself (the individual) is evil.

It is my belief that in order to put a dent in the universe– you must first build up your own self-ego and your own self-esteem! The only way to do this is to recognize:

You are unique, special, and valuable. And it is your duty to act, to do stuff, and make an impact on the world!

I am still a Christian in the sense that I believe in the following of Jesus:

The ultimate answer is love.

Which means:

Seek to empower yourself to the maximum, and once you’re strong enough– go out and seek to empower those who are weaker or less fortunate than you!