How to Give a Constructive Critique in Photography

ARS is so fun. I’m on a comment and critiquing spree, and wanted to share some tips on how to give a constructive critique in photography:

1. What colors do you see?

2. Is there potential for a series?

3. Which compositional elements do you find interesting?

4. Does the photo disorient you in a positive way?

5. What does the picture remind you of?

6. Pause, think, and reflect

7. What about the composition do you like?

8. Why keep it?

9. Critique like you talk

10. What is the ‘cherry on top’?

A cherry on top: small detail which turns a good photo into a great photo!

11. Does the picture catch your attention?

12. Exposing yourself to pictures you like (that you didn’t know you would like!)

The upside of anonymization of ARS:

You don’t get trapped in the prison of ‘categories’

For example, I generally prefer street photos, but I forget– I really like landscape pictures too!

So the upside of using ARS is exposure to new ideas, new concepts, and new images– to broaden your mind!

13. What mood is in the pictures?

What kind of mood is in the pictures? What films does it remind you of? For example, sometimes you look at certain color palettes (like these two pictures) — which reminds me of the film BLADE RUNNER!

More critique examples

Some pictures from ARSBETA.COM and my written critiques:

When one teaches, two learn!

Try uploading your pictures to ARSBETA.COM, and start providing constructive critiques to other photographers in the community.

This is the thing– as you are giving constructive critiques, it will help improve your own photography!