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How to Realize Your Potential

Dear friend,

Some practical ideas on realizing your potential (recognition of your talents), as well as having the strength to turn these skills into reality!

First of all, the word ‘realize’ means two things:

  1. To realize (recognize) your potential (what you are capable of).
  2. To realize (put into reality) your potential (what you are capable of).

1. Recognize your potential

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So first of all, you must recognize and acknowledge to yourself:

I am capable of great things!

Then there is the second step– figuring out how you can spark your soul to actually turn your ideas into reality.

2. Putting your potential into reality

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The second part is difficult —

How do you overcome inertia, in order to thrust yourself to the next level?

It ain’t enough to have ‘good ideas’. You must have the courage, tenacity, and the smarts to turn these ideas into reality.

1. How to recognize your strengths

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It don’t matter who you are — you have a certain set of skills, strengths, and talents.

First of all, don’t be humble. Be proud of your strengths, and admit it to yourself.

Write down a list of your strengths on a piece of paper or on your laptop or phone. Put together a combination of your hard skills (your technical skills) as well as your ‘soft’ skills (your general mind-set and framework).

2. How to awaken your inner-genius

All of us have a genius within us. It is our duty to unlock this genius within us, and to spark it.

I think the inner-genius (the inner-spirit of creativity) is like firewood, waiting to get lit. It is your duty to spark it!

But how do you spark this inner-genius, and awaken this ‘inert energy’?



You need to DO something, you need to ACT, and you need to MAKE/CREATE/REALIZE it.

For example, let’s say you have a concept for a business or an entrepreneurial idea. You cannot sit down and just think about it– you must do things in the real world to make this idea into a reality.

For example if you want to start a business, start emailing potential clients. Or knock on doors and see if people are willing to pay for your product.

If you want to start an internet-based business, you must build a website. Just use, and install ‘’, and start building your website-blog. And to get indexed by Google (SEO — search engine optimization), you just need to write insightful and meaningful blog posts on the topic you’re interested in, and you must do it consistently. For example it took me 6 years (and 3,000 blog posts) for me to become #1 on Google for ‘street photography’.

But you must act. You must do something — you cannot just philosophize and come up with ideas.

Conclusion: Take more risks

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Last piece of advice:

To increase your chances of success, take more risks.

Virgil said, “Fortune befriends the bold.”

The more bold you are, the more audacious you are, and the more risks you take, the more likely you are to succeed!


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